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The Wake Up Call!!!

"Future Leaders"

When we were busy growing up we were told by the old guard that we are the leaders of tomorrow. What they never told us is when tomorrow begins. Or maybe we need a redefinition of word youth. If people approaching their late fifties and some septuagenarian can be categorized as young Terks, then Kenya must be having the oldest young Terks world over. It makes, in my twenties, me feel like a feotus.

My discomfort is not solely based on age but rather the way these old folks steer the country. It’s the high time young people made it their business to take over business of running the country, because nobody is going to give it to them anyway. And by the young people I don’t necessarily mean the sons and daughters of the current leadership that has plundered our country. Most of them are just a chip off the old blocks whose interest in politics is driven by the urge to protect ill gotten wealth and other questionable interests.

What we need is a silent and peaceful revolution. The beginning point of this revolution should be the realization that we get the leaders we deserve. Thus the current crop of our leadership is just a mirror image of what our society has become. This can be evidenced by the student leadership and politics of our institutions of higher learning which similar if not worse from the national politics. This is unfortunate because these are the crème de la crème of the society and in some instances opinion shapers in their various neighborhoods.

The earlier we accept the fact that indeed there are only two tribes in Kenya that is “The Haves” and “have not’s” the faster we will resolve the leadership inadequacies. History has taught us that revolutions take place when there two opposite classes battling each other. We need to inculcate within us a value system that will set us apart from these folks…..To be continued

That’s all…. *with a Meryl Steep Accent*

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