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Kenya’s Political Soap Opera

Carricuture depicting power games between the two principles

The political circus is at its peak again. Kenyan politics is like a long running play with characters that keep on changing time and again…save for the few actors that have been on stage for long…with the same old predictable script.

I wish I could say I was surprised by the recent turn of events in our national politics. It was rather evident that after the relatively smooth constitution making process so far the next logical thing will be an act that will set in motion the destruction of all the gains made in the process.

But what troubles me is who is fooling Kenyans…of interest is the itinery of the PM in the past week. First he says he won’t be cowed to silence, then his officers step aside to allow investigation and in less than 24hours he suspends two ministers. He then goes for a football match as if nothing happened and swiftly flies out of the country to watch events unfold in a far away country. On the meanwhile the president and his advisers are left on the catching up game only reacting to what action the PM takes.

All these games lead to the further suffering of Kenyans as focus is shifted from the constitution making process to the power struggles in the grand collusion. But one thing is evidently clear we are stuck with two evils and whichever choice we make we are still screwed. So it’s a choice between two devils who are held together by the unholy union of corruption. And as one pundit put it if you remove the corruption the centre would no longer hold.

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